From storage sheds to coastal mansions, we are ready to handle any exterior project. The gallery below features three architecturally interesting, beautiful projects we were involved with.

Concord, MA

Recent roofing work.

Geodesic Dome, Harwich

The "Geodome", as we nicknamed it, sorely needed a complete exterior overhaul. The owners complained of water and air leaks. We began by completely stripping the barnboard siding and trim, and installed rigid foam insulation throughout to eliminate the air leaks. We installed red cedar hand-split shakes at 8" exposure and red cedar trim. We removed the staircase and expanded it to include a sun deck. We installed Marvin windows and Andersen sliders. We removed the old three-tab asphalt roof and installed a new architectural asphalt roof with Velux skylights.

Barcliff, Chatham

Situated at the top of the fish pier, this residence feels the full force of Cape Cod's extreme winter weather. We extra-weatherproofed the siding against driving wind and rain, and used stainless steel staple fasteners (no rust) on the bleach-oil impregnated shingles. The bleach-oil in the shingle inhibits mold and algae growth, and resists cupping and warping. Bugs and woodpeckers do not like this shingle!

The Marshside Restaurant, East Dennis

At this rebuilt landmark with a view, we used red cedar perfection roof shingles, complimented by copper flashing, edging and eyebrow dormers. Note the traditional woven-shingle hip and ridge cap.

Tilipi Run, Chatham

Again, the extreme coastal location of this exclusive property required careful weatherproofing and stainless fasteners throughout. Alaskan Yellow cedar roof shingles were used, which will eventually fade and blend in well with the bleach-oil siding shingles. We installed this roof with cedar breather, which allows the roof to "breathe" between the sheathing and the shingle. We recommend using cedar breather in conjunction with any wood roof to gain maximum roof life.