Cedar Roofing

Though costlier than asphalt roofing materials, red and yellow cedar shingles and shakes offer durability and natural beauty that asphalt products can not match. Because of our CSSB affiliation, we can offer the best cedar roof warranty available anywhere. There are other products available, such as pressure treated shingles and cedarbreather that will extend the life of your wood roof.

The Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau (CSSB) is the recognized authority on cedar products, and sets the standards for cedar mills around the world. Our approved installer status with the CSSB allows us to offer a limited lifetime factory warranty against material defects on any wood roof we install, in accordance with CSSB standard practices.

Below are some examples of red and yellow cedar roofing done by Cedarworks, Inc.

For more examples see our Portfolio section.

Asphalt Roofing

Architectural asphalt offers beauty in a variety of colors at an affordable price. We install 30 and 50 year asphalt roofing products. Upgrade to a fifty year lifetime shingle for maximum life and protection of your roof.

These photographs are examples of asphalt shingle roofing done by Cedarworks Exteriors.

For more examples see our Portfolio section.