Cedarworks Cape Cod Cedar and Clapboard Siding.
Cedarworks installs cedar shingle and clapboard siding on Cape Cod, MA

WE DO MOST ANY type of shingle AND CLAPBOARD SIDING, including Red & White Cedar, Fiber-cement and Pawlonia/Spruce claps. There are many finish choices available for both styles. If you’re considering painting your new siding shingles, we recommend the factory pre-dipped colorstained shingles, which are painted on all sides. These shingles come with great finish warranties and a professional, no drip finished installation.

Cedarworks installs cedar shingle and clapboard siding in Brewster, MA

THE USE OF CEDAR SHINGLES ON CAPE COD GOES BACK HUNDREDS OF YEARS. There were even cedar forests on Cape Cod at one time. We still use these naturally pest-and water-resistant materials today, in many material varieties and finishes. Cedarworks goes the extra mile with our colorstained shingle installations by using hidden nailing, so no unsightly ledger nail holes are left behind. We also use touch up paint on all colorstained shingle jobs, per warranty specifications. Contact us to schedule a site consultation to see what materials or finishes might work best for you.

Cedarworks installs cedar shingle and clapboard siding in Provincetown, MA

Red Cedar shingle siding, Wellesley, MA

Cedarworks installs cedar shingle and clapboard siding in Truro, MA

White Cedar shingle siding, Chatham, MA

Cedarworks installs cedar shingle and clapboard siding in Wellfleet, MA

White Cedar shingle siding, Dennisport, MA

Cedarworks installs cedar shingle and clapboard siding in Eastham, MA

Bleaching-oil shingle siding, Chatham, MA

Clapboard Siding Orleans, Massachusetts

Historic white clapboard siding, Odd Fellows Hall, Orleans.

HISTORICALLY ON CAPE COD, you’d see clapboards on the street-faces of many homes. While this tradition still persists, some people install claps on their entire house, for both aesthetics and lower maintenance. We install Fiber cement, Cedar and Pawlonia/Spruce clapboards, and can handle the paint and finish as well, if needed.

Cedarworks installs cedar shingle and clapboard siding in Orleans, MA

Red clapboard siding at Pond School, Wellfleet, MA

Red Clapboard Siding, Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Cape Cod.

Natural Red Cedar clapboards, W. Barnstable, MA

Cedarworks installs cedar shingle and clapboard siding in Chatham, MA
Cedarworks installs cedar shingle and clapboard siding in Dennis, MA

WE INSTALL CEDAR, ASPHALT AND RUBBER ROOFING. With cedar materials, there are several choices in thicknesses and finishes, including Perfection, Tapersawn and Handsplit. With Asphalt, there are even more options. The standard residential choice nowadays is architectural shingles. For a distinctive upgrade, check out Certainteed’s Carriage House and Presidential lines.

Cedarworks installs cedar shingle and clapboard siding in Yarmouth, MA

Red Cedar Tapersawn roof, Concord, MA

Cedar shingle and Shake Roofing. Though costlier than asphalt roofing materials, red and yellow cedar shingles and shakes offer durability and natural beauty that asphalt products cannot match. Because of our CSSB affiliation, we can offer the best cedar shingle mill warranty available anywhere. There are other products available, such as pressure treated shingles and cedarbreather, that will extend the life of your wood roof.

The Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau (CSSB) is the recognized authority on cedar products, and sets the standards for cedar mills around the world. Our approved installer status with the CSSB allows us to offer a limited lifetime factory warranty against material defects on any wood roof we install, in accordance with CSSB standard practices, which no one else in South Eastern Massachusetts has. Go to cedarbureau.org for warranty details.

Cedarworks installs cedar shingle roofs in Hyannis, MA

Red Cedar roof, N. Easton, MA

Cedarworks installs cedar shingle roofs in Sandwich, MA

Red Cedar bow (curved) roof, Brewster, MA

Cedarworks installs cedar shingle and clapboard siding in Barnstable, MA

P/T Red Cedar roof, E. Orleans, MA

Cedarworks installs cedar shingle roofs in Truro, MA

Alaskan Yellow Cedar roof, S. Dartmouth, MA

Asphalt roof. Wellfleet, MA. Cape Cod. Cedarworks.

Pewterwood Asphalt roof, downtown Wellfleet, MA

Asphalt Roofing. Architectural asphalt offers beauty in a variety of colors at an affordable price. We offer three thicknesses of architectural asphalt shingles, including Landmark, HD PRO, and Premium.

Asphalt roof. Weatheredwood. Harwich, MA. Cape Cod.

Premium Weatheredwood roof, Harwich, MA

Pewterwood roof, Harwich, MA

Pewterwood Asphalt roof, Harwich, MA

Cedarworks installs cedar shingle roofs in Truro, MA
Cedarworks installs cedar shingle roofs in Manomet, MA

P/T Red Cedar roof and bleaching-oil White Cedar shingle siding, Manomet Beach, MA

Cedarworks installs cedar doors in Orleans, MA

Therma-Tru custom 6-lite door with Andersen black storm door, E. Orleans, MA

Exterior doors. Cedarworks can install virtually any door you can think of. We recommend Therma-Tru insulated fiberglass doors, a great door at a reasonable price. We also install beautiful, functional venting Andersen storm doors, available in several colors. We like the black one, as seen on the left.

We designed and constructed all the custom, detailed Azek trim work surrounding the door in the picture on left, including the mantel and upper trim. Let us design and build one for you!

Cedarworks installs windows in Wellfleet, MA

Andersen bay window with flankers and Maibec Seacoast Gray color shingles, Wellfleet, MA

Windows. As you can see in the picture, we take every precaution when installing windows. Here on Cape Cod, with frequent Nor’easters and wind driven rain, this is a must. We adhesive-tape all fins and seams, and L-cut all finish shingles under windows, to maintain 3-ply coverage. We install Andersen windows on most of our projects, as we feel they are a time-tested company that makes a great product, with a good warranty. Andersen actually will not sell any window on Cape Cod unless it has been specially treated against salt air corrosion.

Cedarworks installs sliders in Eastham, MA

Andersen 6’ slider over new Azek Slate Gray Deck and white railings

Sliders. We can install sliders or French doors in many different sizes, finishes and colors to fit your home. Again, we like the Andersen slider’s durability and ease of use.

Cedarworks installs skylights in Brewster, MA


Cedarworks installs decks Eastham, MA

Mahogany decking treated with Messmer’s UV penofin protectant and sealer. Mahogany posts and stainless steel cable rail, Eastham, MA

Decks and Stairs. Where to begin? There are many options available in decking. For longevity, durability and low maintenance, we like Azek PVC decking, installed with Cortex hidden fasteners. Their exotic hardwood line is unmatched in realism, beauty and durability. For real wood fans, there’s P/T Pine, Teak, Mahogany, Ipe and Red Balau, among others. The exotics require a higher level of maintenance and care, but can also be the most beautiful and warm.

For railing and posts, there’s P/T Pine, Mahogany, Azek, and Cable Rail, among others.

Cedarworks installs decks Provincetown, MA

Intex White custom deco railing with slate gray decking, Provincetown, MA

Cedarworks installs decks Chilmark, MA

Timbertech brown railing with gray decking, Mahogany deck skirtboard, Chilmark, MA

Cedarworks installs decks Truro, MA

Azek slate gray pool deck renovation, Truro, MA

Cedarworks installs decks Chatam, MA

Azek white railings with slate gray decking, Chatham, MA

Cedarworks installs outdoor showers on Cape Cod, Eastham, MA

Knotty Cedar shower with pyramid post caps, Barnstable, MA

Outdoor showers. On Cape Cod, outdoor showers are as ubiquitous as the sand that fills them. Many accessories available, including lattice tops, benches, hooks, etc. Tell us what style and size you’re looking for, and we can get it done.

Cedarworks installs bulkheads on Cape Cod, MA

Bulkheads. On the cape, bulkheads used to come in only one type: steel with barn doors. We still use that model often, but nowadays there’s a vinyl model (no rust, inexpensive), aluminum (no rust, strong, expensive), and fiberglass clamshell with dual shock-pistons (light, strong, no rust, easy open/close hatch, very expensive). If possible, we recommend that your bulkhead be installed in tandem with the re-siding job for best installation.

Cedarworks installs cedar trim on Cape Cod, MA

CVG grade Red Cedar trim, Chilmark, MA

Exterior Trim. On Cape Cod we install primarily two types of trim: White Azek and Natural Red Cedar. We like Azek because it comes white and does not need paint, but takes paint very well if desired. We always install Azek in conjunction with Cortex hidden fasteners, which do a great job of concealing the engineered screw for a hidden finish. We also love working with Natural Red Cedar. Typically we install it with stainless steel nails or screws for longevity.